Warehouse 508

Phillip Vigil

Phillip Vigil (Jemez Pueblo/Chiricahua Apache) is a fourth-generation artist residing in Jemez Pueblo. He is a self-taught artist and has been working seriously on his art now for 4 years. He always had a love of art since he realized at a young age that the paintings on the walls were done by members of his family. He is highly influenced by the abstract modernists of the early and late 20th century. He works a lot on paper with oil pastels, oil sticks, oil paint sticks, spray paint, oil and acrylic paint as well.

Although his career is still in its infancy, Phillip has a large following with countless fans and is in contact with many artists from around the world. He seeks to do something different in art that hasn't been done before. His art extracts all that he loves about certain artists and ideas and melds them together to form a Phillip Vigil original. His love of words, line, color and form are evident in his work.