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Watermelon 7

Watermelon7 was born in 1980 to an amalgamation of cultural diversity. Of mixed ancestry, including Isleta Pueblo, Dine, Sapponi and African American heritage, he was brought into the world with a dynamic perspective. Throughout his youth living in Michigan and Isleta Pueblo, Watermelon7 found refuge in his art as early as two years old, exploring the creative process and finding messages in different mediums, including music, painting, dancing and social communion. Immersing himself in Graffiti culture in 1991, he found a means to share his creative eye with a larger, more diverse audience.

In his life, Watermelon7 has inspired social dialogue through muralism, renegade arts, break-dancing, music and collaborations with various artists and communities. His detailed, focused, and animated works continue to incite methods of cultural and ethical realities, while energizing youth cultures and ancestral heritages.